Sometimes you just need a good comp guy.


Our guy brings more than 20 years’ experience in compensation for organizations in diverse industries and sizes. This means he can offer a seasoned perspective from both within and without the organization. He brings a wide range of hands on experience with salary increase planning, bonus plan design and modeling, executive compensation, sales plans and more.


More than once, our guy has been referred to as an analytical…dare I say he is more than a tad “geeky” in the best sense of the word. And yet, he is one of the rare analytically inclined geeks with an ability to relate well to those in the non-analytical universe. Warning:  it may be possible to spend an hour in conversation with him without hearing the words “statistical distribution” but he suspects such a conversation would be quite boring..


In addition to referring to himself in the third person, our guy also tends to be quite independent.  Perhaps this is a consequence of his tenacious objectivity and data driven orientation.  There are no other products or services to push, just a desire to provide an honest perspective when you need it.  If your project is not a fit, he’ll tell you.  He doesn’t so much sell his services as much as looks to find a match between your need and his capabilities.

Frank Monahan

Compensation Consultant

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